Return due to delivery error.

In all cases where other products are delivered, by type or quantity, you can return the products.

Returns of Defective Delivered Products (DOA)

To avoid any difficulties, it is recommended, after the delivery of your order, to carefully examine the condition of the products you bought at home and their package to be intact, to identify any visible defect (eg broken product). You have to notify the store within four ours in order to be eligible for a refund Returned products must be in their unused, original condition, as well as with all labels, which constitute their identity. Otherwise, they cannot be accepted as returned products.

As the products are received back, they are checked for defects. In this case, the Store will replace the product you ordered, if the product is available. You will receive a full refund if the goods can neither be repaired nor replaced.

Returns of defective products

In case of real defects or lack of agreed properties of the purchased goods, the provisions of the Greek Civil Code apply. In order for a property to be considered an agreed property, it must have been certified in writing by both parties.